Good Morning

Strijdom van der Merwe previewed his documentary, Sculpting the Earth, at Woordfees a couple of weeks ago. Attending lectures and launches is something not to be missed, ever. The creator has spent months, maybe years formulating their work and in one sharp hour, you sit back and receive their wisdom. This is ‘BARRY SE BRUG’ by Strijdom (pictured below), built in 2013, to cross the Jakkals River here at Wildekrans Country House. Built twice actually but that is a story for a different day, when floods are top of mind.

In his documentary, Strijdom speaks of the role of the artist as being “to open eyes to a new world, to a new way of seeing”. Being of a mathematical mind, art has been a liberator, challenging my always prevalent scientific logic. The last few months brought artist Sera Holland into our lives. We spotted Sera’s work at The Poetry Store. Inspired by the fynbos of the Kogelberg Mountains and the gardens of Wildekrans Country House, Sera Holland’s OUTSIDE IN is on for another week (pictured below). Her oils and ceramic installation astonished visitors to last weekend’s Elgin Open Gardens. Visit this weekend, it’s your last chance.

It’s been a beautiful fortnight in our little corner. A nature and life loving friend group (pictured below) walked the sixty kilometres of our Green Mountain Trail. They embraced every aspect of our curated experience, and left with happy hearts and car boots filled with Elgin and Bot River wines.

Walking weekly in the Houwhoekberge with Christy Weyer was one of my 2022 winter commitments. To be able to walk and chat with this curator of the amazing Liberty Books alongside Peregrine Farm Stall (both designed by the one and only Barry Gould Architects), is sheer bliss. Last week Christy interviewed author Melinda Ferguson, on her BAMBOOZLED. Liberty’s Insta had this to say “Yesterday’s launch of #bamboozled was a beautiful blast of light, laughter & love: from the spontaneous singing of American Pie, through sharing terrible trauma & sniggering about snapping dicks, to shining a light on the healing power of psilocybin.”

My scribblings of Melinda Ferguson’s eve include a quote from her Bamboozled “The age of worshipping money is gone. All that is left is the search for joy and freedom.” One of the beautiful hikers, here last week, agreed but reminded me that having a bit of gold in your corner does grant you the freedom to search for joy. Indeed.

@secretchords_apoemfortheday posted AND THE DAYS ARE NOT FULL ENOUGH, a couple of days ago. Treasure each moment.

           And the days are not full enough
           And the nights are not full enough
           And life slips by like a field mouse
                    Not shaking the grass.

           – EZRA POUND.

With love,

PS: You have three opportunities to join other walkers – 21 November’s Blue Mountain Trail and 28 November or 11 December’s Green Mountain Trails. ENQUIRE HERE.

PPS: Every day our newly rescued (from Peregrine car park) kitten delivers to us a now dead field mouse. What to do? Anybody know?