Good Morning

Julia Teale’s “Sins of our forefathers”, lives at Langebaan Beach Cottage. The Atelier art awards were the perfect hunting ground for younger artists. Bought from the Atelier art competition in 1990, it was my first art purchase. We love this work and it feels right in this space on the West Coast. Langebaan Beach Cottage will be  a perfect place from which to explore the 2021 wild flower extravaganza.

Artist Jill Trappler’s “Water and the Moon”, has been showing at the Spin Street Gallery in Cape Town. Jill says the collaboration that takes place between the painter and the painting is similar to that of water and the moon. There are various opinions in this relationship; the pull of the moon on water, the water is pushed by the nearness of the moon… The Water and the Moon catalogue includes notes by curator Margie Murgatroyd  “Constraints are the framework which dictates good design. A process of elimination refines the curator’s vision and creates order and meaning for the audience.

This got me thinking about the curatorship of the Blue and Green Mountain trails. The all important task of making precious time spent on a leisure experience, orderly and meaningful, which we believe is achieved. We have spaces available on our 24 May Green Mountain Trail.

My favourite work on Jill’s show is “OPEN SHADE” (pictured). The best part about autumn has to be the “open shade”. Instead of hurtling out of bed at sunrise to beat the heat, you can do a bit of work while the sun climbs the sky, before taking to the mountains with the autumnal sun warming on your skin.

With love,