Good Morning

Reflation is a term I don’t completely understand. Wikipedia calls it an act of stimulating the economy by increasing the money supply or by reducing taxes, seeking to bring the economy back up to the long term trend, following a dip in the business cycle.

Our “Reflation” has come from the Saffa’s of this wonderful network of life and nature lovers. Last week the Walky Talkies hiking group (pictured) returned to walk the Blue Mountain Trail. This less than a year since walking the Green Mountain Trail. A heart warming experience for our team. Huge gratitude to all 20/21 visitors and Green and Blue Mountaineers.

When recounting to my husband about how lucky I feel, from all of your stimulatory actions in our direction, he quoted Gary Player, “The harder you work, the luckier you get”. The farmers of our Valley may not agree with this. After a year of bringing fruit to harvest, it seems that the shipping containers of the globe have all been swept up by the online shopping of the northern hemisphere. A devastating situation as South African fruit now has little means to be exported. This  especially for those in the softer and more fragile fruits of plums and peaches. We urge you all to buy South African fruit and eat a few a day to keep the doctor away.

Viewing the preview of auctions is a favourite past time. It is a privileged glimpse as artworks move from one home to another. George Pemba’s “A woman of sorrow” (pictured), was collected by us in 1991. A work from the same 90’s Everard Read show came up at the recent Aspire Auction. Pemba met his first tutor, Ethel Smythe, when in hospital, sketching nurses, while recovering from appendicitis. He was twenty two years. Realising his talent, the matron contacted Fort Hare University where Ethel Smythe taught. What a lucky meeting for South African art.

This week we harvested our three almond trees. This means we must be close to Easter. We will be heading to our Langebaan Beach Cottage, leaving home offices behind. We love the West Coast where the wind blows so hard that you feel justified in doing absolutely nothing. This seaside village has responded to the international community of kite surfers with some urban delights of great coffee and a Spar with everything you need. Give it a go. Langebaan Beach Cottage can be found here.

Wishing you a Happy Easter and Passover, may the breeze be gentle.

With love,