Good Morning

French billionaire, Francois Pinault, opened his contemporary art collection in Paris this weekend. Speaking on the opening of his private museum, Bourse de Commerce, he said “I want the museum to be a place where people feel better at the exit than they did at the entrance.”

We chatted about Jackie and her evolving art career. First jewellery design and then thanks to Louis van Vuuren and his French art school, oil painting. Now fed up with feeling the need to express angst and our tormented souls, Jackie is busy exploring the more aesthetically pleasing subjects we are surrounded with. This is a work we collected  ten years ago (pictured). “Letting go” is an oil by Jackie on a troubled time, at that time.

Each week we treasure the gorgeous mild winter sun days as if they were the last. This walking group of family and friends announced on Thursday over lunch that they were “hooked on Houw Hoek”. This, together with Sarah Jayne Fell’s Lifestyling story about Wildekrans Country House (read full story). We will hold on to the afterglow.


One of my sisters forwarded to us South Africa’s very own Drakensberg choir performing Ed Sheehan’s Afterglow. A beautiful start to our Saturday. Listen Here.

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